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    Do I have a clear understanding of the career/job this course will lead me to?

    It is very easy to enrol in a course without having a clear understanding of the career/job you are heading for. "I will work it out along the way", I wonder how many people actually think this? Vague ideas produce vague results. The clearer you can get on the career you want and the best course to take, the more likely you are to hit your target.

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    Is this course going to lead me to a career I actually want to be in?

    Get a clear understanding of exactly what career/job this course is going to help you to get. With so many courses available to study, I think students loose the focus of why they are actually studying the course. The career or job you want at the end of your course is what you need to focus on before you enrol. Begin with the end in mind.

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    What are the employment opportunities after completing this course?

    If I was completing a course I would want to feel confident that jobs exist within my field of study. Why waste your time otherwise? Unfortunately institutions are not always going to be 100% honest with the pathways available after completing the course. Before enrolling in a course do some independent research like speaking to people already in the industry to find out what you are really in for.

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    Am I actually motivated and interested in the topics in this course?

    There is no point studying a degree or course if you are not even interested in the topics it will cover. A lack of interest or motivation in a course is a strong sign this course is not right for you. Think about this, if you struggle to go to uni or your course every day to learn about a certain area, what hope do you have to actually be in that career or job? It's time to get real about your future. There is a career/job you are suited to and trust your level of interest and motivation as a guide to if you are on the right track.

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    Do my passions, strengths and values tie into this area of study and potential future career/job?

    A great way to know if a course is right for you is to reflect upon whether your passions, strengths and values coincide with the career/job you are looking to get into. Anybody can study a course and get through it. High school is proof that you can learn about topics you are not really 100% passionate about and get through. The goal is to choose a course based on who you really are at your core.

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    Is this the best course to study to get into the career/job I want?

    Again there are so many courses you can potentially study, is this the best course to take to get in the career or job that you want? Speak to people who are in the career or job you are interested in and find out how they got there.

    If you think that is too much effort, think about the amount of effort it would take to go to a course 6 days a week for 2 or 4 years to get to the end, graduate and realize you hate the career you are in and doing the course was a waste of time. Get motivated and do your research now.

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    Is this the best institution for me to do my course?

    Once you are confident you have found the right course you want to study, consider whether the course provider is the best for you and the career/job you want. There is no point choosing a university or course provider just because your friends are going there or it is the one closest to your house. Choose a provider that you feel most confident in to provide you with the skills and training you are after. Speak to students who completed the same course and see what they have to say.

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